Neuroscience Leica Confocal Microscope
at U.N.C. Chapel Hill

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A LeicaTCS-NT Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope is available for use by members of the neuroscience research community at the University of North Carolina.


Notice: The LeicaTCS-NT has been decommissioned and sent to surplus in Oct 2007.  This site is preserved for historical reasons.  For more up to date information go to:

News and Information for New Users - Upright or inverted microscopes are available

  Location of the Imaging Facility
Operating the LeicaTCS-NT confocal microscope system
- Confocal Booking Calendar
- 24 hr Confocal Booking Calendar
Image file storage and transfer on the confocal system.  Creating data CDs    
Image handling, processing and analysis software A Neuro Muscular Junction expressing Yellow Fluorescent Protein Image Gallery
Links to handy information
Confocal Facilities
Somatosensory  Spindle

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