BMBILINEAR.DOC September 24, 1996


bmbilinear.exe magnifies image by factor specified using a bilinear interpolation method.


bmbilinear input.bmp -m magnification [ -l ] [ -o output[.bmp] | -p path ] [ -v ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap files that will be magnified. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted and the file extension of .bmp must be given. Individual files may be specified.

-m magnification specifies the magnification factor, which must be a whole number.

-l lists input file series found and performs no other action..

-o output specifies name stem for cropped file series. (Default is resultXX.bmp).

-p path is directory path where resulting bitmaps are placed.

-v verbose display extra information while files are being processed.


bmbilinear magnifies the input bitmap file series by the integer amount specified by magnification. Input bitmaps files may be 8 or 24 bit. This function performs best with magnifications of 2 or 3. In contrast to magnifiction by pixel replication this method does not produce so obvious blocks.


bmbilinear rhodamine??.bmp -m 2: magnifies rhodamine??.bmp image file series by a factor of 2 and places the result in resultXX.bmp.

bmbilinear rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine07.bmp rhodamine08.bmp -m 2 d 100 120 10 12: similar to above except that three files are explicitly processed.

bmbilinear rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine1?.bmp -m 2 -l: lists files found that match the input file specification, rhodamine00.bmp and any file mathcing rhodamine1?.bmp.


bmpaste.exe : joins bitmap pairs together in left right fashion.


Does not cope if specified crop range is bigger than original image. Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. Input file extension must be explicitly specified as .BMP.

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