BMCONTEN.DOC June 12, 1996


bmconten.exe performs a contrast enhancement on one or more bitmap files. The average pixel intensity of each image is adjusted to 128 and the contrasted is increased in inverse proportion to the pixel intensity standard deviation of the input image.


bmconten input.bmp [ -k factor ] [ -l ] [ -p path ] [ -s ] [ -t ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap files that will have their contrast and average adjusted independently. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted and the file extension of .bmp must be given.

-k is gain factor for enhancement. Default is 1.0

-l list input file series found and performs no other action.

-s output statistics of each matched image file only. No files are generated.

-p path is directory path where resulting bitmaps are placed.


bmconten automatically contrast enhance each image based on the image overall pixel intensity and standard deviation. Adjustments change the average pixel intensity for each image to 128 and adjust the contrast based on the inverse of the standard deviation of the original image. The amount of contrast may be adjusted with the -k factor command line option. Output files have the default name of resultxx.bmp where xx is a series number, or original image file names are preserved if an alternative directory is specified with the -p path directive. Statistical information about the pixel intensity of matched input files may be obtained without altering image files with the -s command line switch. The -v command line switch will display statistical information about the input files as the output files are being generated.


bmconten rhodamine??.bmp : contrast enhances all files that match rhodamine??.bmp and replaces the original images files with the enhanced image files. Original image files are lost!

bmconten rhod??.bmp -s : display all files that match the input specification of rhod??.bmp and displays pixel intensity statistics about each file.

bmconten rhod??.bmp -p improved : the files that match the input specification are enhanced and the resulting image with the same name placed in the improved directory.


bmenhc.exe : local contrast enhancement of image files.


Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. Input file extension must be explicitly specified as .BMP.

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