BMCROP.DOC September 3, 1996


bmcrop.exe reduces image area by cropping around image such that the image area is reduced to that specified by width height left and top command line parameters.


bmcrop input.bmp -d width height left right [ -l ] [ -o output[.bmp] ] [ -v ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap files that will be cropped. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted and the file extension of .bmp must be given. Individual files may be specified.

-d width height left top give the width height and top left corner of sub-area to be returned relative to the original image file.

-l lists input file series found and performs no other action..

-o output specifies name stem for cropped file series. (Default is resultXX.bmp).

-v verbose display extra information while files are being processed.


bmcrop reduces the size of the input bitmap file series to the size specified by width height and top left position in the original image files by the cropping process. This function operates on 8 and 24 bit bitmap image files.


bmcrop rhodamine??.bmp -d 100 120 10 12: crops rhodamine??.bmp image file series to a width of 100, height of 120 starting with the original image at 10 pixels from the left edge and 12 pixels from the top left cornar of the original image.

bmcrop rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine07.bmp rhodamine08.bmp -d 100 120 10 12: similar to above except that three files are explicitly processed.

bmcrop rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine1?.bmp -d 100 120 10 12: similar to above except that rhodamine00.bmp and any file mathcing rhodamine1?.bmp are processed.


bmpaste.exe : joins bitmap pairs together in left right fashion.


Does not cope if specified crop range is bigger than original image. Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. Input file extension must be explicitly specified as .BMP.

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