BMDELTA.DOC November 27, 1996


bmdelta.exe finds the difference between sequential files of a bitmap image file series.


bmdelta input.bmp [ -l ] [ -o output[.bmp] | -p path ] [ -v ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap files that will be differenced. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted and the file extension of .bmp must be given. Individual files may be specified.

-l lists input file series found and performs no other action..

-o output specifies name stem for cropped file series. (Default is resultXX.bmp).

-p path is directory path where resulting bitmaps are placed.

-v verbose display extra information while files are being processed.


bmdelta finds the difference between sequential files of the input bitmap file series and by default places the series defaultXX.bmp where XX starts at 02 since the first image does not have a previous file.


bmdelta rhodamine??.bmp : finds the difference between rhodamine??.bmp image file series and places the result in resultXX.bmp.

bmdelta rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine07.bmp rhodamine08.bmp : similar to above except that two difference files named result01.bmp and result.02.bmp are produced.

bmdelta rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine1?.bmp -m 2 -l: lists files found that match the input file specification, rhodamine00.bmp and any file matching rhodamine1?.bmp.




Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. Input file extension must be explicitly specified as .BMP.

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