BMSUM.DOC June 12, 1996


bmsum.exe summates bitmap file series into one file. Collapses z-series stack into one image file.


bmpsum input.bmp [ -o result_file[.bmp] ] [ -l ] [ -v ] [ -n ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap files that will have corresponding pixels summed resulting in one image file. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted are in input.bmp.

-n automatic contrast expansion of summed image.

-o output specifies name of summed bitmap image file to be output.bmp (Default is RESULT.BMP)

-v verbose displays extra information while processing images.

-l list input file series found and performs no other action.


bmsum takes a series of bitmaps files and sums corresponding pixels together. The image files are assumed to be of the same size and 8 bit gray scale. The output file is 8 bit. In effect this operation makes an average of all the input image files. The -n option casues the summed image to be contrast enhanced.


bmsum rhodamine??.bmp: sum all files that match rhodamine??.bmp into one bitmaps file called result.bmp.

bmsum rhod??.bmp -l : display all files that match the input specification of rhod??.bmp but does not do the summation.

bmsum rhod??.bmp -o average : sum all files that match the input file specification and outputs the sum as average.bmp.


pic2bmp.exe : converts biorad pic file into bitmap series.


Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. Input file extension must be explicitly specified as .BMP.

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