BMXLAT.DOC January 20, 1996


bmxlat.exe translate bitmap series using a lookup translation table.


bmxlat input.bmp -x translation_table [-l ] | -p path] [-v]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap files that will each be locally contrast enhanced. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted.

-x is an ascii translation table in C:\LUTS.

-l list input file sewries found and performs no other action.

-o output[.bmp] specifies name of summed bitmap image file to be output.bmp. Default is RESULT.BMP.

-p path specifies path where output file series with same name as the input is to be placed. The path must already exist.

-v verbose displays extra information while processing images.


bmxlat translate pixel intensity values using the -x translation_table found in c:\luts. Translation tables contain 256 entries corresponding to the output value. specifies path where output file series is to be placed. ‘path’ must already exist.-l lists input files that match the command line input file specifications.


bmxlat rhodamine??.bmp -x m2.xlt : translates input files using two fold factor in m2.xlt.

bmxlat rhodamine00.bmp rhodamine07.bmp rhodamine08.bmp -x m3.xlt -p en: similar to above except that files ara placed in the en directory.


bmconten.exe : contrast enhance entire images.

bmenhc.exe : local contrast enhancement.


Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. Input file extension must be explicitly specified as .BMP. If the output file path does not exists an exception is generated.

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