BMMERGE.EXE December 17, 1996


bmmerge.exe - merges adjacent images of a bitmap series into Bio-rad image format file.


bmmerge input???.bmp -m [ -l ] -p path

Where: input???.bmp is the specification for the bitmap files series that is to have its files merged together. The .bmp must be supplied. Dos style wild cards (* or ?) are permitted in the name.

-m m is an integer, which represents the number of bitmaps to fuse together.

-l lists the files matched in the command line.

-p path is the path where the merged bitmap files are to placed.

"-?" or no command line parameters displays a terse command line help message.


bmmerge combines every m bitmaps of the input bitmap image series into single bitmaps, which are placed in the path specified in the command line. The bitmap image files must be 8 bit grayscale. Merged bitmaps are averaged together. The input bitmap file series is processed in the same order as provided by the command line expansion.


bmmerge rhod*.bmp -2 -p done: merges every two bitmaps of the rhod*.bmp series into one bitmap and places the result inthe done sub-directory.



bmmerge does not handle the remainder files gracefully if any. The path must exiist or else an exception is generated. Long file names are handled. However on systems limited to short (8dot3, eg. 12345678.bmp) file names automatic conversion from long to short names usually scrambles the number sequence and order of the bitmap series. A solution is to use names of 6 characters or less before the dot.

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