BMDEFADE.DOC June 12, 1996


bmdefade.exe compensates bitmap file series for photo-bleaching.


bmdefade input.bmp [ -o outrput ] [ -s ] [ -p path ] [ -l ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap file names to be corrected for photobleaching. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted.

-o output specifies output bitmap sequence.

-p path specifies path where output file series is to be placed. ‘path’ must already exist.

-s list statistics about each image of input series. Gives mean and standard deviation (n-1 weighting).

-l list input file series found.


bmdefade assumes input series should have constant emission power and corrects all images in the series to have the same power as the first by multiplying each image in the series by a factor formed by taking the average intensity of the first image divided by the average pixel intensity of image being operated upon. The image series must be of the same dimensions and be 8 bit (256 gray scale) color resolution.


bmdefade rhod??.bmp -s : displays statistics for bitmap file series that is matched by rhod??.bmp (eg. Rhod00.bmp Rhod01.bmp …). No output files are generated.

bmdefade rhod??.bmp -p fixedfolder : corrected files are placed in the directory ‘fixedfolder’.

bmdefade rhod??.bmp : corrected files replace the original file series. The original file series is lost.


pic2bmp.exe : converts biorad pic file into bitmap series.

Confocal Assistant (imaging folder): Batch Conversion converts biorad pic file into bitmap series.


Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. File extension must be specified as .BMP.

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