BMHIST.DOC August 4, 1996


bmhist.exe output intensity distribution histogram for bitmap series or display statistics of individual bitmap files in series.


bmhist input.bmp [ -i ] [ -l ] [ -s ] [ -z ]

Where: input.bmp is a series of bitmap file names to be searched for in the default directory. Wild cards (* or ?) are permitted.

-i displays intensity values with pixel counts.

-l list input file series found.

-s list statistics about each image of bitmap series. Gives mean and standard deviation (n weighting).

-z suppress zero occurrence of intensity in output histogram.


bmhist assumes input bitmap file series should have identical dimensions and be 8 bit (256 gray scale) color resolution.


bmhist rhod??.bmp -s : displays statistics for bitmap file series that is matched by rhod??.bmp (eg. Rhod00.bmp Rhod01.bmp …).

bmhist rhod??.bmp : generate accumulated frequency distribution histogram of the pixel intensities of all the bitmaps matching the input file specification.


bmconten.exe : bitmap contrast enhance.


Only works with 8 bit gray scale bitmap files. File extension must be specified as .BMP.

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