UNC Physiology Imaging Facility Photodiode Array  

Parts List: Acquisitsion

1x    WuTech H469-02 Diode Array SN# 469020

6x    40 pin cables with edge and idc connectors

6x    32 Channel preamp (8919)

1x    Multiple Power supply & cables (preamp +/- 15V,  post amp +/-12V +/-5V)

2x    64 Channel postamp

4x    64 pin ribbon cable (0.05") with connectors

4x    68 pin ribbon cable (0.025") with connectors

4X   Analogue multiplexor MSXB018-03 - pin out

1x    Multiplexor power converter 029-04-A2Z

1x    68 pin cable with 5 sub-d connectors MSCBL 014-04 (MUX to A2D)

1x    Data Acquisition DAP 3200a/415 Microstar - pin out

1x    DAPL 2000 software

1x    Pentium 90 MHz PC with 48 MByte RAM, 1.6GByte Hard Drive, 3c509 Ethernet, Windows95


Parts List: Analysis



1x    c - mount adapter with screws

1x    Triocular head (Nikon)

1x    40X NA 0.7 Zeiss water immersion with Nomarski

1x    16X NA 0.3 Zeiss air with Nomarski

1x    63X NA 0.9 Zeiss water/oil/air immersion with Nomarski

1x    Zeiss ACM fluorescent scope

3x    Assorted Diochroic filters for FITC, RHODAMINE, STYRYL DYES

1x    Xenon Lamp and power supply

1x    Filter wheel and control electronics

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(Diode array is copyright to Jian-young Wu 1997. 202 687 1617 202 687 1614)