0.4.1  Important Laser Safety

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The LeicaTCS-NT confocal system utilizes three lasers for the excitation of fluorophores. Each lasers generates 25 mW or more of light power, and are categorized as Class 3B lasers for safety purposes.

The power emitted from each laser is sufficient to cause immediate retinal damage if the beam is directed into the eye. For safety, several protection mechanism are in place to protect users from such exposure. These include an enclosed light path from the lasers to the specimen stage and mechanical interlocking devices that blocks laser light from entering the microscope when ocular viewing is enabled or when the condenser is hinged away from the optical path.

Do not interfere with optical and electrical safety devices or attempt to overcome their operation. Also do not place reflective materials on the stage. The LeicaTCS-NT system meets the European CE standard for visual and electrical safety.

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