0.6  Getting Help and Reporting Problems

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Smooth and efficient use of the confocal system is our goal. The introductory orientation that all users are required to take prior to using the confocal system has this goal in view.  However, as with any complex system, unforeseen circumstances will crop up, not to mention equipment failures, software bugs and, perhaps on rare occasions, human error. We would like to know of such experiences so that we can assess, remedy, repair or report problems as soon as possible and share this information in a spirit of cooperation. Your timely input in this regard is highly appreciated. If you believe there is a fault please briefly record the date, time, what you were doing prior to the problem and the nature of the problem in the log book.   Please bring the situation to the attention of Dr. Neal Kramarcy.

We hope to maintain an atmosphere of congenial cooperation in the use and attainment of scientific pursuits with the confocal system.   Discussion of techniques, principles, limitations etc. can benefit all users.

N.B. from January 2001 Neal Kramarcy will be conducting training sessions and answering questions.

Dr. Neal Kramarcy
phone 5317 MBRB (Medical Boimolecular Research Building) 919-966-0326
e-mail kramarcyREMOVE@med.unc.edu
Dr. Robert Sealock
phone 5317 MBRB 919-966-1272
e-mail sealockREMOVE@med.unc.edu
Dr. Michael Chua
phone 6129 Thurston Bowles 919-843-3268
e-mail mchuaREMOVE@med.unc.edu

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