0.5.3.  Storage Policy

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In order to keep the finite storage space on the confocal system computers available for saving potentially large image files users should be aware of these image storage guidelines:

  • You are responsible for archiving your data.
  • We never make backups of image data on the confocal system.
  • Secure/archive/backup your data before it is moved off the confocal system.
  • On the confocal systems computers use only your subdirectory in:
    • D:\USERS1\ or D:\USERS2\ or D:\USERS3  (\\Leica_tcs\Users1 or 2 or3) or 
    • M:\  (\\Confocal\MacExchange for Apple Talk access) or 
    • I: (\\Leica_tcs\LongTerm) for image file storage, when available.
    • J: (\Leica_tcs\LongTerm2) for image file storage, when available.
  • Alternatively store directly to:
    • a Zip disk  or  Jaz disk  or  floppy disk
    • a shared directory on your Microsoft Network (e.g. \\Orac\users0  or  \\CMPHYS-NT\xfer) computer
    • a drive on a Novell server inside the Medical School, e.g. BIOCHEM
  • If storage space becomes scarce, requests will be made to have old data removed immediately.
  • The I: and J: drives (\\Leica_tcs\LongTerm, & \\Leica_tcs\LongTerm2 ) may be used for longer term storage if space is available and when the drives are functioning.
  • You, the user, is responsible for the security of your data.
  • Image files on the confocal system D: drive (\\Leica_tcs\Hodgkin) or M: MacExchange drive (\\Confocal\MacExchange) which are older than THREE months will be removed automatically.
  • Image files on the C: drive are subject to immediate removal.

Overall it is intended to try and keep storage procedures casual, as far as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that your files are successfully copied before irreversibly removing them from the confocal computers.

Please note that valid confocal users have access permission to image files over the network.  File access, by default, is open to all confocal users.  Restrictions, if required, must be setup by special arrangement with mchua<EXPUNGETHIS>@med.unc.edu.

Transferring files - Networking - FTP - Removable storage

Archiving files - Removable storage: CD-ROMs, CD-RW, Zip, Jaz, MO, Tape, 

Making data CDs

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