Making Data CDs

N.B. These instructions assume that the Easy CD program will be used to write data CDs and that blank CDs will be used.  If existing data is on the CD, that existing session has to be imported in the Easy CD creator layout before files are added to the layout.  DirectCD recording requires different steps and considerations and will not be described here.  Do not mix these different methods on the same CD!

1.    Transfer data to a hard disk drive on computer with the CD-burner (CD-writer)

2.    Insert blank CD (or existing data CD with sufficient space)

3.    Either correct software will open automatically (or run Easy CD-Creator or Direct CD writer)

4.    Drag files to be placed on CD into "CD layout" area.  Arrange and create directories.  Ensure some free space is left.

5.    Doing the recording (burning).  i.e. press the red record button.  Check that the program reports that CD creation occurred without errors.

6.    Check the created CD in a CD-ROM drive (not the recording CD-drive)


Caution:  If you data is important never have less than 2 copies of it.  If the only copy of your data is on a CD that you are about to add more data to, copy the data on the CD to another location before writing to the CD.  If the recording process fails the data CD may become unreadable.

Want to know more about data CD creation?

Last updated 2006-10-24

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