8.3.5  Confocal Assistant - Generating Dynamic 3-D Views

N.B. This page is still under construction!

8.3.5  Moving a 3-D scene gives more information to the visual cortex.

8.3.4   Two main ways exist for creating 3D views: 1. Stereo pairs,  2. red/green anaglyphs.  Both these methods produce a rendered view from a z-series stack.  A rendered projection is generated of two views separated by about 6 (or up to about 12 degrees), which is the angle subtended by the gaze of eyes to a close object.  Views must be rotated about the vertical axis.  The distance between the centers of the image must be chosen carefully for comfortable viewing.

Load a z-series image

Set desired method - pixel shift on or off

Make rocking projection

Series -> play  or  press Play Series button


N.B. This page is still under construction!

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