6.4  Image Handling - Overlaying Images

Overlaying images using PhotoShop requires that the image files be single channel images.  If the image is a time lapse or multiple-channel or z-series tiff image, which are multipage tiff files, extract the image pages into individual tiff files using tiffsplit.exe myimage.tif -g (see Splitting Multipaged Tiff Files)

The images ideally should be gray scale.  This is best done with tiffsplit.exe myimage.tif -g.  PhotoShop can also convert color images into grayscale but does not use the full intensity range.  This gives a picket fence profile in the intensity distribution histogram (i.e. there is a loss of intensity resolution).

It is best to convert images into grayscale using tiffsplit Myimage.tif   -g.

Open Image(s) in PhotoShop.








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