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The images in a multipage tiff file may be split into separate tiff or bitmap files (single image pages) and an information text file with the command line program tiffsplit3.exe (see tiffsplit3.html for manual pages).  Tiffsplit3 preserves the original multipaged tiff file and creates a series of standard tiff or bitmap files which have the same name as the original multipage tiff file with an underscore, a channel letter and number sequence added to the end.  The standard tiff or bitmap files can be opened with standard image processing software.

The example below shows how sim.tif, a 10 z-layer series with 2 channels at each z-level, can be split into 20 individual bitmap files.  The first 10 files called sim_a01.bmp to sim_a10.bmp are the images of the first channel at each z-level.  Files sim_b11.bmp to sim_b20.bmp are single images from the second channel at each z-level.  The inclusion of the command line switch -b causes bitmap files to be formed.  Without -b images formed will be tiff files.  The optional command line option -g will force the generated images to be gray scale.

To convert multipaged tiff image file(s) into individual bitmap (.bmp) files:

  1. Open a DOS box (command prompt)
  2. Select the desired drive letter (e.g. c: enter)
  3. Change to the desired path, your directory (e.g. cd  \users\tcs_user enter)
  4. Type in command at c:\users\tcs_user>  tiffsplit3  sim.tif  -g   -b   enter    (-g   converts images into grayscale)
  5. sim_a01.tif to sim_b20.tif are now created as standard bitmap files, which are in gray scale

Note that tiffsplit3.exe can operate on many multipage tiff files by using dos style wild cards ( * and ? ) e.g. tiffsplit   s*.tif  (splits all tiff image files in the current directory starting with S)

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