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LEARN swings the currently used objective out to the right hand side so that immersion oil can be applied to the objective front lens.  Also can put microscope into setup mode, which may cause problems.  Be careful and go see here if you get into trouble.

CHANGE switches display between showing focus level in um relative the z-position set with the upper limit button and lamp voltage.

The STEP button cycles through the fine focus step sizes.

UPPER limit.  Set once the specimen is in focus.

LOWER limit.  Should always be cleared.


N.B. Certain operant ions of the Leica microscope may be changed by reprogramming using this control panel.  This should be avoided done by all users.  However, if after powering down and re-powering the microscope strange behavior still persists see this guide on how to program the scope.

Last update 06-10-24

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