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3.10  Basic Confocal Operation - Time Series

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Two different approaches to acquiring time lapse series are described.  Firstly 3.10.1 describe the automatic method.  One first sets up the image then sets the confocal to periodically sample the image.  At the end of the run the images are saved as a single multi-paged tiff format image file.  In the second method 3.10.2  one setups up, then scans a single sliced, saves it as a unique name, and then waits until the sample period has passed before repeating the process.  This last methods allows inspection of the cells focus, which can be readjusted if necessary before acquiring the image.  In both methods the file(s) have to be assembled into a form that can be viewed as a movie.  

This section is still in preparation.  Errors and omissions may be present!

3.10.1. Acquiring a time lapse series using the build in Leica time lapse acquisition mode

3.10.2. Acquiring a time lapse series by manually saving each reading and using a stop watch


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