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Operating The LeicaTCS-NT Confocal Microscope

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0.  Notices

1.  Principles of Confocal Scanning

2.  General Running of the Confocal System

3.  Special Scanning Operations *
(Note this section will not be updated until the new Leica scanning software is installed after 2000)

4.  Advanced Scanning Considerationsconstr2.gif (672 bytes) *

5.  Image processing with LeicaTCS-NT

  • Acquire:
5.1  Making an overlayed Red/Green/Blue (RGB) image from a "file -> save as" image
  • View:
5.2  Viewing z-series stacks or time-series images sequentially
  • View:
5.3  Making an extended focus image and saving it using "file -> save selected")
  • Pseudo 3-D:
5.4  Orthogonal viewing of z-series stacks or time-series image
  • 3-D:
5.5  3D rendering - maximum brightness projection

6.  Handling Leica Image Files on PCs

7.  Image Processing Bitmap Image Files on PCs

8.  Image Processing Using Confocal Assistant on PCs

9.   Glossary

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