TIFFSPLIT.EXE (32bit DOS, Win95, WindowsNT)      August 23, 1999


tiffsplit.exe - splits multi-channel Leica Tiff image files into separate files for each channel and creates an information file which contains the original text information embedded in the Leica tiff image file. This program is intended to split multi-channel and/or multi-paged z or time series files created on the LeicaTCS-NT version 1.x.xxx  software, which have been saved using "save as".


tiffsplit   filename1   [ filename2 ..]  [ -l ]  [ -p ]   [ -t ]  [ -g ]   [ -v ]  or    TiffSplit -?

filename is the filename of an Intel type Tiff format image file. Dos style wild cards (*or ?) are permitted. Multiple tiff files may be given and tiffsplit will split each one independently.

-l  lists files found which match the specifications of file name. This is useful for displaying files found without outputting any information.

-p  displays the palette information store in the original file for each channel in the original tiff image file.

-t  dumps out the tiff image tags. Useful for debugging.

-g  changes images to gray scale.  Without this option images retain the color look up palette supplied by Leica_tcs.

"-?"  or no command line parameters displays a terse command line help message.


tiffsplit extracts text information embedded in TIFF image files and stores it as text in files with the same name stem as the original TIFF image file with the added extension of ".INF" in the current directory. The individual images (pages) are extracted and stored as separate TIFF image files with a two or more digit decimal index number added to the name stem.  The number of digits in the index number depends on the number of pages in the tiff file.  Leading zeros are added to the index number to aid natural sorting in windows directories.  This program is specifically for splitting multi-channels images saved with the LeicaTCS-NT confocal system, and is not a generalized program (contrary to TIFF standards).

The LeicaTCS-NT program saves much useful information inside the TIFF image file when one uses "save as". Please note that "save selected" saves no parametric information with the TIFF file. Please note that "save as" with the export option does save parametric information as an ".EXP" file (readable as text) along with each image channel as separate tif files.


tiffsplit myosin.tif: creates file(s) called myosin01.tif, myosin02.tif ... and myosin.inf.

tiffsplit *.tif -p: separates channel components and extracts the parametric information of all the TIFF image files in the current directory and saves it as readable text in respective ".INF" files. The palette entries for each page are displayed on the screen.

tiffsplit *.tif  -l  : lists matching TIFF image files found in the current directory.  No split file is generated.


TiffTags.exe - dump tiff image tags
TiffText.exe - output embedded text in tiff files as an ".inf" text file.


Notice: This program is intended to split TIFF images created by the LeicaTCS-NT confocal system only. It is at a nascent level of development. Be mindful with its use. Please let me know about any problems so that they can be suitably dealt with.

This program does not handle RGB type tiff files saved using the "save selected" approach.

Existing ".INF" or ".TIF" files of the same name are overwritten without warning.

TiffSplit.exe is a 32 bit command line program and will not run on DOS 6.2x and earlier or Windows 3.11 and earlier.

Can not split tiff files with more than 9999 image pages.

Be careful when applying tiffsplit.exe with wild card expansion more than once in a directory.  It will create split files with long index numbers from the already split files.

-v   option is not implemented yet

Help section is written in Unix manual help style.

Please report bugs to mchua<EXPUNGETHIS>@med.unc.edu


A future version of tiffsplit.exe will include an -r option, which will create RGB files from the separate multipage tiff channels.